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Property Management



AFIN management includes basic services and much more things:

• Management of Income and payments through a bank account in the name of the community. Never in cash.
• Posibility to change the current account of your community to the Banco Sabadell that is exempt from fees and expenses.
• Writing letters or any type of communication to all owners and sending by e-mail or regular post.
• Issue and collection of receipts of the community.
• Developing and prepar of convocations and minutes.
• Attendance to all ordinary general meetings
• Management of all receipts and payments of the owners.
• Review invoices and managing of all payments to suppliers.
• Constant communication with the Community Board.
• Development of community budgets and forcasts for approving by the owners.
• Review and negotiation of construction contracts and services.
• Regular visits of the communities and monitoring their needs.
• Legal advice offered by Juan Ramon Alcolea and Associates ( Our lawyer ).
• Custody of all the Community documentation.
• Managing of the community insurance policy, communication of damages and monitoring claims directly with the insurance.
• Managing necessary repairs and breakdowns in the community.



AFIN services for your community

• Accounting.
• Control of expenses and income.
• Debtors.
• Community debts.
• Bank account.
• Present of quarterly accounts to the president if required.
• Development of forecasts with the expenditure for the year in term for calculate and decide the community fees of the following year.
• Telephone for emergencies.



24 hours Virtual office

In “Despacho24h”. You can view regularly published information about the community (calls for meetings, records, financial reports, etc.). You can also check your personal account, outstanding receipts, bills, etc. You also have the possibility to report incidents that occur in the community, changes in your bank account etc.receipts, etc.



Savings for the Community

Our main interest is to get the maximum savings on expenses for the community without loosing quality in the services that the community needs. In order to achieve this, we negotiate for you with the suppliers.

If you provide us a list of the annual expenses of your community we can see what type of services you need. With this information we can make a study in order to get savings. In several occasions, negotiating the existing contracts or retaining the services with other companies, we can achieve savings of approximate up to 20% in the general annual expenses and of course maintaining the same quality of the services. This could lead to a reduction of the community fees.



Claiming Owners debts

Fast processing in the claiming of owners debts without any additional costs for the community.



Personalized attention and extensive opening hours.ersonal attention

We have an extensive timetable as our offices are open from 9:00 to 15:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday.

We have meeting rooms available with a maximum capacity for 40 people. All this witout additional costs. All this rooms are equipped with the necessary technical equipment for Community Meetings.



Real Estate



Our Company has offices in Denia, Pedreguer and Poble Nou de Benitachell. We are experts in selling and renting new and second hand properties (apartments, townhouses, penthouses, villas, luxury villas and Mediterranean townhouses in modern style) in the northern área of the COSTA BLANCA.

We also have various partner ESTATE AGENTS with a lot of properties for sale and rent in first & second line of the beach.

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Advisor´s office



Tax Consulting and Advice

• Integral advice.
• Tax and fiscal monitoring, forecasting of expenses.
• Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statements.
• Obtaining certification of the AEAT and TGSS.
• Care Tax Agency requirements.
• Adjournment requests for tax in the AEAT.



Accounting advice

• Preparation of balance incomes and expenses (monthly or quarterly)
• Bookkeeping review (monthly or quarterly)
• Balance sheet.
• Preparation and submission of the necessary documentation for all financial needs of the business (banks, leasing, or any other entity).



Employment advice

• Includes preparing monthly payroll.
• Study of the worker cost and monitoring the collective agreements.
• The amount per worker is of € 31.60, for each additional worker an amount of € 5.50 will be added and for every worker who is deregistered the same amount will be subtracted.



Remote Desktop Connection

• Use of accounting and tax software duly updated with the actual tax and accounting news.
• Automatic Bank Reconciliation. (Rule 19)
• Scanning invoices using text recognition systems and automatic accounting.



Annual accounts, legalization of the books and minutes

• Preparation deposit of the accounts in the Business Register.
• Report and calculation of annual accounts for commercials.
• Legalization of the books.
• Minutes: Preparation of the minutes and financial statements for his approval.



Purchases, inheritances and scripts managing

• Developing of sales contracts.
• Tax assistance, review and assistance in the preparation of deeds.
• Partition of Inheritances.
• Valuation of real estate.
• Procedures in cadastre, revision and modification. Preparation of resources.
• Appeals against Transmission Tax.


C/ Diana 46, Bajo
Dénia (Alicante)
Tel. +34 965 783 293
Fax. +34 966 427 333


C/ Mestre Serrano 17
Pedreguer (Alicante)
Tel. +34 965 761 762
Fax. +34 966 456 140


Urbanización Cumbre del Sol
Centro Comercial Adelfas - Local 7
Benitachell (Alicante)
Tel. +34 966 114 472
Fax. +34 966 427 333